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No errand too big or too small...

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Bill Paying - We'll write bills and prepare the envelopes. All you do is sign. We can summarize your statements showing your balances and minimum payments also.

Personal Errand Runs - Buy stamps, drop off/pick up mail/packages. We can go to the bank, dry cleaners, pharmacy, video store, your favorite take-out - you name it.

House Sitting - We will water your plants, check your mail, and turn lights on or off to look like you're home.

Grocery Shopping - Delivered to your door or put away if you like.

Picnics to Go - Want to take a special someone on a picnic, but have no time to plan? Let us put together a picnic to your delight.

Line standing - Car tags, Returns, Etc.

Wait For Service - Repairman, Deliveries, Utilities.

Pet Taxi - Billed at an hourly rate if expected to stay with pet.

Pet Sitting - We will feed and walk your pets. For more information Click Here!

Courier / Delivery Service - Same day pick up and delivery of packages and documents. Delivered in set time when you want it to be there. We confirm all deliveries upon arrival at their destination.

Appointment Making - Too busy to set appointments, but things need to get done. Give us your contacts and your schedule. We'll keep you on track.

Purchase/Deliver Supplies - Sometimes you just don't know when you are running low on supplies, and you need them today. Give us a call and we'll get them for you.


No errand too Big or small. Have all of your errands complete while your at work. Need more free time on the weekends? Looking to spend more time with your family? Just need a helping hand with your daily chores? Give us a call and we would love to help. 561-577-0755 or email me at:

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